Wednesday, October 05, 2005


It was a "girls night out". I wanted to look sexy and fun. I slipped out of my clothes and jumped into the shower, allowing the hot water to hit my naked skin. I automatically let my fingers find the outter lips of my pussy, spreading them apart. I touched my clit, and sent shivers down my body. I stepped out of the shower and pulled up my tight black skirt and paired it up with my flirty white top. I was ready to go, when Mell knocked at the door. I opened it up and saw her wearing the black halter top that I love to see her in. I felt my pussy tingle and swell. We hugged, as we always do, and her boobs pressed up against mine. We headed out the door to meet up with the others at the bar. After drinking and dancing, I needed some fresh air. I was spinning, and sat down on the ledge outside. A few minutes later, I looked up to see Mell standing over me.
"Do you wanna go for a walk"
"yes, where to?"
"I dont care, anywhere"
We were walking down the street, and came to a school and decided to hang out on the playground. We were chatting and flirting. I wanted to kiss her. The air was hot and muggy. All I could think about was barrying my face in her pussy. Is that wrong? I wanted to make her cum. She looked so fucking hot in the moon light, and the sweet smell of her shampoo was driving me crazy. I had to have her, even just ONE kiss. I needed to taste her. She jumped up on the swing, and I came up behind her to push her. As soon as I was behind her, I pulled her hair back gently off her neck and rubbed her shoulders. She turned her head and looked up at me. I bent down and kissed her cheek softly. I dont want to wreck this, I dont want to scare her. How can I take her for one night of passion without losing our friendship, without me scaring her away? I want to touch her, I want to lick and play with her pussy untill she cums for me. How can I convince her to be with me?

Monday, October 03, 2005

Make me cum

I need to cum. I need to feel that sensation that runs through my whole body. That shiver. I lay on my bed. Alone. My fingers find their way down to my pussy. I am wet. I trace my pussy lips with my finger tips. I feel the warm wetness. I play with the juices between my fingers. Its slippery. I need to cum. I allow my fingers to enter my cunt. I move them in and out. I am going to cum. I can feel the cum surrounding my fingers. I play with my clit. It is puffy and ready to explode. I will cum. I can feel the wetness run down against my ass. I touch it. Let my fingers explore myself. I let my fingers back into my pussy. I fuck myself hard. I can feel it building up inside of me. The pressure. I play with my clit with my other hand. I explode with shivers. I made myself cum. I was all alone. Maybe next time you can join me.......